worship god by...

Worship God by... 

Dr. Hanby has thousands of messages in his library (under construction). We need people to commit to reviewing 10 audios/videos and help us determine a few things that were spoken in the message. It is as simple as completing a short, multiple choice form (all online). When you complete your "10" simply ask for more if you're game for more and you will be reviewing content never before online.

Serve One Another.

  • Use your unique gifts to extend the net as we respond to the Gospel of the Kingdom.

We're not attempting to grow a ministry. We've simply discovered spirituality beyond religion.

For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Worship God by... 

Would you be willing to join the Volunteer Group, so when certain needs arise, you can speak up or help, even if it's simply to offer advice? Volunteer Group

All of us love people! It's probably because the desire in us to give others keys, causes us to be where they are. Never underestimate the power of a simple meetup on the YQL Group or in a coffee shop. They are both great places to do life together with new family.

Give your Creativity, Skills and/or Time:

Faithful, generational sons/daughters, who serve God by helping with all the additional moving parts of Your Quantum Life. Contact either Marilyn Haspany or David Roberts.

  • Marilyn oversees all things finance and in the office for Mark Hanby Ministries and Father's Heart Family.
  • David is the creator of the Your Quantum Life platform, webmaster and designer of the app/website and is overseeing technology.

Step up as a regional son (Moderator):

Many of the Father's Heart Family are currently functional when it comes to social media.

If you're interested in serving:
  • as a group moderator, 
  • potentially responding in person to a regional "meet-up", 
  • facilitate a regional meeting as the need arises,
Monique Butler is the overseeing guide for group moderators.

Additional areas for leaders to Worship God by... :

  • We are expanding The Bloodline Network Newsletter, from monthly to weekly. By invitation by Roger and Karen you'll submit articles by a scheduled deadline or sibmit into a pool, to be drawn and posted later (exact plans TBD).
- Roger and Karen Roth oversee The Bloodline Network Newsletter.

  • Our digital home is not YouTube, FaceBook, etc, but since we are posting content there, from this platform, we need a few more people to receive email notifications, alerting of possible activity and respond appropriately.  

For the times when we need volunteer schedules, the new YQL app fully streamlines communication with one another!

Volunteer Schedules Are Available!

  • Have questions? Please click "SCHEDULE HELP" to see how to access/manage your commitment and see how we maintain the YQL site.