Who is Mark Hanby?

Dr. Mark Hanby is internationally known as a dynamic speaker and teacher of church government and order. Widely esteemed as a true apostle to the ministry and the church at large, he has traveled the globe giving oversight and support to leadership in the Body of Christ. Dr. Hanby is a compassionate spiritual father and remains a powerful leading voice of spiritual revelation, revolution and reformation with ministry spanning more than 5 decades. Dr. Hanby is a well-known song writer … (Look What the Lord Has Done), and best-selling author whose books include: You Have Not Many Fathers, Renewing of the Holy Ghost, Perceiving the Wheel of God, Anointing the Unsanctified, The Foundation of God Series, The Order of a Son, and The Ministry of the Saints.

Dr Hanby’s most recent ministry venture is live streaming to his extended Father’s Heart Family through his website yourquantumlife.com.

One of Dr Hanby’s newest books “The Prayer of Love” was published in 2012. “The Prayer of Love Devotional” was published November 2013 and “Amaze Us O God”, September 2013.  Another work in process is “If You Want To Know God, Read The Directions”.

Mark and his wife Tess have recently moved from their ranch in Tennessee to North Texas to be near their children and grandchildren.